Galvanized steel sheet feed grain storage silo
Galvanized steel sheet feed grain storage silo
500 ton Feed steel silo
1500 ton Feed steel silo
500 ton Feed steel silo
1500 ton Feed steel silo
The composition of the steel plate silo:silo roof,silo barrel,silo roof guardrail,ventilation hole, manhole,silo door,silo roof and silo.The thickness of the zinc layer of the galvanized sheet used is 275 / M2.In addition,350g / m2 or 400g / m2 galvanized sheet can be used according to customer requirements.
1500 ton feed grain storage silo

It is used to store various raw materials such as wheat, soybean, corn, rice, animal feed and sunflower seeds,rapeseed and so on.
Model Volume (m³) Number of columns Height (m)
Cylinder Height Peak Height
TCK09108 642 10 9.015 11.155
TCK09109 716 10.135 12.275
TCK09110 790 11.255 13.395
TCK09111 864 12.375 14.515
TCK09112 938 13.495 15.635
TCK09113 1012 14.615 16.755
TCK09114 1086 15.735 17.875
TCK09115 1160 16.855 18.995
TCK09116 1234 17.975 20.115
TCK09117 1308 19.095 21.235
We supply grain and feed storage silos with capacity of 3-30000 tons
500 ton steel silo
1.All steel plates are made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized sheet,which has a long service life and can be used for 40 years.
2.The diameter of the cabin can be selected from 1.8-32 meters according to the user's output requirements.
3.On-site assembly,simple installation and short construction period.
Feed Pellet Plant
Auxiliary equipment:ventilation system,material level,weighing sensor system,temperature measurement system,electronic control system,conveying system,cleaning system,etc.
Our Services
1.Design and manufacturing services.
Design production lines,design process flow and production line configuration for customers according to user needs.
2.Information services
Get customers' opinions and requirements on the machine, guide users to use and maintain the 

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