Fish Feed Crusher
Fish Feed Crusher
Introduction of Fish Feed Crusher :
The hammer crusher is a tangential feed hammer mill. This series of Fish Feed Crusher has simple structure, high production efficiency, simple operation, reliable use and easy maintenance. It is suitable for rural professional households in farms, livestock farms, counties and township processing plants. In addition, the machine can also crush Chinese medicine materials, animal bones, wood and other pharmaceutical raw materials and chemical raw materials.
The crusher is mainly composed of frame, casing, coupling, hammer, screen, pulley, motor frame, motor, feeding foil, etc. The structure is simple and the layout is reasonable. The hammer is made of manganese steel with high wear resistance .The finished materials the size can be adjusted according to the size of the screen mesh inside, the power consumption is small, and it can also be moved and produced, which is very convenient.
Raw material application: 
It can crush all kinds of dry feed, such as corn, sorghum, glutinous rice, straw, wheat straw, potato vine, corn stalk, peanut vine, bean stalk, etc.
Main Parameter of this Fish Feed Crusher :
Model Power (kw) Hammer ((pcs) Speed (r/min) Weight (kg) Inlet (mm) Capacity (kg/h)
320 2.2-3 8 4000 100 180*180 100-200
360 3-5.5 12 4000 120 200*180 200-400
400 5.5-7.5 14 4000 180 240*180 450-600
420 7.5-11 16 4000 220 280*200 500-650
500 11-15 24 4000 250 300*200 600-800
600 15-18.5 24 3660 320 450*320 700-1500
750 18.5-22 24 3660 400 560*380 1000-2000
800 37+7.5 24 3660 650 600*300 1500-3500
Advantages of this Fish Feed Crusher :
1. It has a wide application range .It is applied to straw crushing and processing of crops. It is an ideal processing equipment for feed mills, charcoal plants, straw coal plants and breeding plants. It is applied to many fields such as straw pellet fuel, pellet feed, straw briquetting fuel, straw new environmental protection building materials, straw building, and biomass power generation.
2. Advanced technology, stainless steel hammer crusher is a special high-efficiency energy-saving straw crusher, which mainly highlights high output, low energy consumption and low cost. At present, the pulverizers used in rural areas generally do not meet the technical requirements for crushing straw, and the crushing efficiency is low. If the crushing straw is too low, it is worth the cost and is not worth the loss.
3. The machine mainly consists of a feeding hopper, a rotor, a crushing chamber, a sieving mechanism, a machine base, a motor, etc., and when the materials are properly entered into the crushing chamber from the feeding port, the rotating blades are continuously struck and crushed at high speed. Under the action of the chamber collision, it is quickly broken into fine powder or paste, which is then discharged by the centrifugal force and airflow generated by the rotor through the sieve outlet through the discharge port.

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