Fish Feed Seasoning Machine
Fish Feed Seasoning Machine
Seasoning machine (1)
Seasoning machine (2)
Seasoning machine (1)
Seasoning machine (2)
Introduction of the Fish Feed Seasoning Machine: 
The continuous seasoning machine is used for the seasoning of foods in the food production process. The machine has a tilting seasoning roller, which fully controls the speed and material capacity, and is suitable for continuous line seasoning. It is equipped with a seasoning powder dusting device, and can be stirred autonomously while dusting, so that the seasoning does not cause deposition, adhesion, and awning due to different specific gravity and returning to halogen. Equipped with stirring and dusting, even and accurate. The product is highly automated.
Machine structure:
The equipment consists of main parts such as bracket, roller, roller drive system, dusting system, dusting drive system and switchboard.
Operation steps of the Fish Feed Seasoning Machine: 
(1)Plug the device into the power source.
(2)Start the roller motor and the roller will slowly start to normal speed. Start the dusting motor and the dusting device starts working.
(3)It will be need to stir the seasoning raw materials, and continuously feed the raw materials into the seasoning machine from the inlet end by conveyor or artificially.
(4)Turn on the dusting motor to spray the seasoning evenly in the roller;
(5)Check each operating part and make sure it works after normal operation.
(6)If the speed is too high, the inverter knob can be rotated to the left. The speed can be changed slowly and if the speed is too slow. The inverter knob can be rotated to the right and the speed can be changed quickly.
Working principle of the Fish Feed Seasoning Machine: 
The material falls into the roller and is moved upward by the roller. It is dropped from above and mixed with the seasoning powder. During the working process, the seasoning is always kept in the dusting box. When the seasoning is insufficient, it should be added in time.

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